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Two hands holding with words written in design

Everybody we meet wants to know what the word “Acasa” means. Is it Spanish, Greek, Portuguese? Is it someone’s name?

The meaning behind the name is really simple: Acasa is a culture, not just a name.

That culture can mean different things to different people. Acasa can mean a life-long friendship for a lonely senior with no family nearby. It can mean a caregiver showing kindness while providing palliative care. It can mean independence for a senior who needs a little more assistance to stay at home. It can mean compassion for a senior who is suffering from dementia. It can mean dependability to a daughter who needs to know her mother is safe while she is away at work. It can mean reminiscing for a senior that has many accomplishments to share. It can mean security for a senior who fears falling in the shower. It can mean relief for the family who has found their loved one needs around-the-clock attention and care. While the meaning may differ along the way, ACASA is here to be what our clients need us to be.

ACASA is meant to be an extension of the family and a bond of friendship. Any company can fill an open shift with a qualified body. It takes more effort on the back end to create a match that will feel like family. Our goal is for our caregivers to foster a relationship with our clients as if they have known them for years. We use proprietary software to match the personalities, hobbies, and interests of our caregivers with those of our clients. We believe this is a crucial step towards empowering the type of bonding that occurs when you make a best friend. We want our clients and caregivers to have a connection beyond the surface-level client-caregiver relationship.

In summary, Acasa means that we will continue to do whatever we can to make you and our new friend feel like there is no place they’d rather be. At the end of the day, what matters most to us is: what can ACASA mean to you